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Updated: Jan 19, 2023

BE TIMELESS (CLICK TO READ MORE) - Bare white sand beaches lay defenselessly exposed to the endless Caribbean current. Slithering sea creatures exert a certain preeminence over the domain in which they prowl. Roosters and birds of different breeds, countless colors and sizes are aroused, crowing and chirping their songs proudly and peacefully, still many hours before the first humans have rustled awake for the day. The animals’ creativity and originality burst anew with each and every sunrise, as a natural gift to the trees, the clouds, and the skies. The days begin much earlier here. The night time darkness creeps in later. The place is called Borikén, a name given to the land by the indigenous tribes that originally inhabited this island. It is commonly known to those in other parts of the world as "Puerto Rico." The names of the pueblos, and the mountains, the forests, and the governments may have changed, but the geography remains the same. The greenery, the natural beauty, the merciless sunshine endures. The history of this island traces back thousands of years through innumerable lifetimes and eras. The stone and concrete structures are bruised, weathered, and aged. The centuries-old houses, churches, and plazas have since been built, deteriorated, rehabilitated, and rebuilt. The story is old. But the grace and magnificence of the nation is timeless.

In this place, Eric Rivera crafts what will be the next chapter in his musical story. I landed here to meet with the artist early Saturday morning, just before sunrise. We began my visit with a stop to a local bakery, called a "panaderia," for fresh flauta. He gave me a tour of his private estate when the sun came up, pointing out the areas which will soon be used for raising chickens, and other parts of the land where he has mango, palm, and banana trees. We were at a private beach, dipping our toes in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea by 9am. Rivera discussed with me his ideas for the next online music marketing campaign. We enjoyed a traditional lunch at an oceanside restaurant not far from the recording studio. Between sips of Piña colada, he brainstormed with me ideas for his next project's cover artwork concept.

With so many rivaling influences from so many different directions, Eric Rivera has invented an entirely original sound that resonates with thousands of listeners. As far as the artist himself, Rivera has remained quiet in public but incredibly busy in private. In 2022, the Enphinity Music brand diversified into real estate, publishing, and winemaking. Additionally, Enphinity is preparing for an international sports apparel launch in early 2023. Most importantly, as always, is the music. After a day trip across the island to visit the farm, (la finca) which has been in the family for five centuries, Rivera took me back to the studio where he played some of the new music for me. I was given strict instructions not to reveal too much, but I must say that since my first listen, I haven't been able to stop listening.

As a fan, there's only one way to properly prepare for a new drop: study up on the old. His debut EP, "Primero," (2019) is available to listen on the website and all streaming platforms. The second EP, "Overtime," (2021) was released as an extraordinary follow-up. Both musical collections were written and performed by the same individual, although it is safe to say the two projects could be categorized as two completely separate genres. I can formally announce with enthusiasm that a new project by Eric Rivera, titled "Good Karma," is FORTHCOMING. The release date is closer than you may be prepared for.The sound is unlike anything you've heard from Rivera and Producer/Engineer, Carlos Wilder, up to this point. And that is a guarantee.

- Javier Montoya
21 Dec 2022


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